BLING IT OUT: Glitter Pumpkin Candles Done Right


I am a true hopeless when it comes to all things glittery and sparkly. It feels like October is the official start of the best DIY decor time of year and there are so many fabulous things you can do by yourself. As an event planner, I tend to use some of these year round, but my favorite time of year is for sure October.

I was looking around for some creative and sparkly idea (as us wedding planners always do) and found this fun and easy DIY projects that will add great sparkle to your holiday.  Sometimes creating something out of nothing is even more enjoyable than finding that perfect pair of shoes. OK, maybe I got carried away here, but still this is an easy and fun project.  Try it and you will see.

This fun project was found on Click here For step by step directions on how to create these amazing DIY pumpkin candle holders.






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